5 Stunning Accent Walls featuring Caba Barkskin™

The inviting texture and subtle elegance of Caba Barkskin™ makes it a standout accent wall option when designing a beautiful space for yourself or your client. Here are 5 of gorgeous installs of our Caba Barkskin™ that really make an impression. 

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Trees Under Glass [www.finehomebuilding.com]


[Caba Company] started experimenting with sandwiching the product between laminated glass about seven years ago. After experimenting with several manufacturing partners, the lamination is now handled by a firm in Southern California, from which the final product is distributed.

Barkskin Glass comes mirror-backed or as a translucent slab. The material is intended for indoor use only, and UV protection is recommended in areas with direct sunlight (to protect the colorfastness of the bark insert). Though moderately water resistant, it’s not recommended for moist areas like tub or shower surrounds. Barkskin Glass is available in sizes ranging from 4-in. by 4-in. squares to 48-in. by 96-in. panels. The largest slabs can weigh more than 200 pounds and should be installed by an experienced glazier or someone with large-glass installation experience. Barkskin is priced about $100 per sq. ft. and has a lead time of six to eight weeks. Each slab is warrantied for five years against manufacturer’s defects.

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On Stands Now! Caba Barkskin in ELLE DECOR [June 2014]

We at Caba Company would like to congratulate James Huniford for the beautiful feature in ELLE DECOR June issue – On Stands Now! The Grey Barkskin looked absolutely stunning in the photographs. We look forward to working with all our favorite designers on upcoming projects. Happy Summer Season!




Another one of S. Lee Wright’s  favorite finds from the ICFF this year was a wall coverings company called Barkskin.  It is a natural, hand-made wood material.  The process of making the paper is from pre-Columbian times, whereby the bark is processed with “cold and then boiling water, hand pounded and sun dried,” as is stated in their promotional material. It can be used commercially as well as in residential applications as a wall covering, ceiling covering, furniture surface and lampshades, to name a few!




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Ivory Barkskin inside Anna Wintour’s Office on “60 Minutes”

Check out our Caba Barkskin™ Ivory Wallcoverings installed in the iconic Anna Wintour’s office at the Vogue headquarters!

Happy 2012 From Caba Company!

Lets Go Crazy! Crazy Lace™ Barkskin Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of our Crazy Lace Barkskin™ Collection! Each piece of hand-pounded Barkskin™ reflects an organic beauty that will bring warmth into any project. Crazy Lace™ Barkskin™ is extremely versatile in its uses and easy to apply and its fibrous quality brings interest and texture to any surface.  Contact us today to help you integrate Crazy Lace Barkskin™ into your next design project!

Click here to view Crazy Lace™ swatches.

glo.msn names Caba Barkskin™ one of “The Best of ICFF” 2011!

glo.msn included Caba Company’s Barkskin™ in their “Best of ICFF” recap! Thanks glo!



Caba Company highlighted on woodindesign.com:

Caba Barkskin in The White House!



Last year we told you about the exciting news that Caba Barkskin was installed in The White House during the redesign by Michelle Obama’s interior designer Michael Smith of California – and just recently we spotted photos of Ivory Barkskin on the walls in the official White House flickr stream!